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Meet our six wine advisors. With a lifelong experience in the wine industry each, they are well equipped and ready to assist and advise you on your wine selection and order placement at Getwine.


You might already know some of them, and are welcome to contact them if you need someone to consult with:


Beverley Adendorff

Beverley joined Getwine’s tele-marketing team in 2009. She has worked in the wine industry for many years and has an extensive knowledge of wines. In her spare time she enjoys the outdoors, quad biking, nature, walking and traveling.

Bev can be contacted on 082 535 9073


Susan de Swardt

Susan joined Getwine early in 2010. She’s been in the wine industry for more than 20 years, knows the industry well and has acquired an excellent tasting palate. She enjoys gardening, running, hiking and especially likes watching tennis.

Susan can be contacted on 072 784 7128


Martinique Oosthuizen

Martinique has been working in the wine industry for more than 11 years. She loves customising orders to her customers' needs, and is passionate about finding hidden gems. She loves traveling to different wineries and trying new varietals, as well as hosting blind tastings with friends.

Martinique can be contacted on 082 312 0000


Kathi Purcell

Kathi joined Getwine in January 2020 and has worked in the wine industry for over 21 years. Customer relations and service delivery, as well as finding the perfect wine for her client, are her priority. She loves walking and being in nature with her dogs, vegetable gardening and discovering new wineries,  particularly in the Swartland/Boland region where she now calls home.

Kathi can be contacted on 072 292 9988


Mayleen Hellyer

Mayleen has been in the wine industry for 22 years and joined the Getwine tele-marketing team in February 2020. She enjoys sharing her knowledge of wine in order to keep her customers updated on new and exciting times in the vineyards. Wine time is any time.. with long lasting relationships with clients new and old.. Makes my wine day complete. 🍷🍷🥂

Mayleen can be contacted on 082 491 6959


Margaux Siddle

Margaux found her enthusiasm for wine in a global sales position and has cultivated this passion for the last 14 years. Her ability to connect with people on a personal level ensures that each wine selection is perfectly suited to every individual’s taste preferences. She will also be assisting us in curating exclusive cases and implementing our wine club rollout.

Margaux can be contacted on 079 876 0160


General and admin enquiries must still be directed to, as this team is only there to help you navigate our wine specials and promotions.

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Until next time… cheers,