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Getwine now has a new rewards programme whereby you can obtain discount vouchers by referring your friends to our amazing online wine services.


For every 10 referred friends who place an order with us, you'll receive a R100 voucher. Not only that, but every time the orders generated from your referrals reach a combined total of R20'000, you receive a R200 voucher.


Let us run you through it. We've got the administrative side covered, so simply visit our Refer Your Friends page online and insert your friends' details. Make sure you are logged in to your online profile, otherwise it won't work. We will send an email to each of your friends to introduce them to Getwine and make it easy for them to register online.


Then, to make it hassle-free to manage, the referral page helps you keep track of the friends you've referred and how many you still need to receive your vouchers. It will also indicate when a friend is already registered on Getwine, which means they're a mutual friend and will unfortunately not count.


Until next time... let's raise a glass and toast to good times!