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We are pleased to introduce our esteemed team of wine advisors. Each member boasts extensive lifelong experience within the wine industry. They are fully equipped and prepared to provide assistance and guidance on your wine selection and ordering process at Getwine.


You may already be familiar with some of our advisors, and we encourage you to reach out to them should you require assistance:



Beverley Adendorff

Bev became a part of the telemarketing team at Getwine in the year 2009. She holds numerous years of experience in the field of wine industry, with a comprehensive understanding of various wines. In her leisure time, she takes pleasure in outdoor activities, quad biking, nature walks, and traveling.

Bev can be reached at 082 535 9073


Susan de Swardt

Susant commenced her professional journey with Getwine in the year 2010. Possessing over two decades of rich experience in the wine industry, she has an excellent command of wine tasting methods. In addition to her professional pursuits, she takes keen interest in activities such as gardening, running and hiking. Furthermore, she is an avid follower of tennis.

Susan can be reached at 072 784 7128


Martinique Oosthuizen

Martinique has held a position in the wine industry for a duration extending beyond 11 years. She derives great satisfaction from tailoring orders to precisely align with her clients' preferences and holds a particular interest in the discovery of unseen wine treasures. She enjoys visiting a variety of wineries, sampling new varietals, and orchestrating blind tastings among her acquaintances.

Martinique can be reached at 082 312 0000


Kathi Purcell

Kathi became a part of Getwine in January 2020. With over 21 years of experience in the wine industry, she prioritizes client relations, service delivery, and ensuring each client finds their ideal wine. Apart from professional pursuits, she is fond of outdoor walks with her dogs, tending her vegetable garden, and exploring new wineries. Her primary place of exploration is the Swartland/Boland region, which she is delighted to call home now.

Kathi can be reached at 072 292 9988


Mayleen Hellyer

Mayleen brings to Getwine a wealth of experience amassed over 22 years in the wine industry. She joined our telemarketing team in February of 2020. Her earnest belief is that any time can be designated for the appreciation of wine. Building and maintaining relationships with both new and existing clients serves to provide a sense of fulfillment as well as completion to her day in the world of wine. 🍷🍷🥂

Mayleen can be reached at 082 491 6959


Daisy Gounder

Meet Daisy, who joined the Getwine team in 2023. With an impressive 22 years in the wine industry, her expertise is vast and always expanding. She values her customers tremendously, always making them her top priority. She is devoted to ensuring every customer's wine experience is tailored perfectly to their preferences. When she's not making wine magic happen, Daisy enjoys cherishing quality time with her loving family and beloved pets.

Daisy can be reached at 082 857 8299


General and administrative inquiries can be directed to, as this team is solely for assisting you in navigating our wine specials.


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Until next time... let's raise a glass and toast to good times!